Recorded on March 29th, 2014


Cards Against Humanity’s Black Friday Un-sale

Recorded on November 26th, 2013

Also, if you buy on Amazon:

0% of the proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Marketing, marketing, marketing!

Squarespace redesigned on iOS

Recorded on November 19th, 2013

Whoops…spoke too soon.

After writing another post about the problems of posting to Squarespace from iOS the night before last, they went ahead and released some updates.

We’re excited to announce two brand new iOS apps for Squarespace customers – Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Metrics – as well as iOS 7 updates for Note and Portfolio.

As Squarespace’s functionality continues to expand, we’ve focused on creating an entire suite of applications around Squarespace’s core product. This lets us focus each app on specific functionality, providing a clear, targeted interface that helps you accomplish exactly what you need to do on the go.

I’m using the new iPhone app to write this. So far it’s working well. And wow is it great to look at. It seems to have the full functionality of the desktop website. Which probably wasn’t easy to do.

I was hoping for a URL scheme to work with or some kind of Dropbox integration. There’s a lot to be said for being able to write in a proper text editor. Though that probably makes me a bit of an edge case for their target users.

I’m afraid that after looking into so many blogging services that use Dropbox to publish markdown formatted text files as posts, any other method of posting seems a little bit inefficient considering that I’m already doing all of my writing in Dropbox synced text files.

Sven just wrote about moving Simplicitybliss to Kirby and I am incredibly jealous. Also, I’m happy to see that one of my favorite bloggers shares my inability to Stay. Put.


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Kickstart an Urban Orchard in Richmond

Recorded on November 18th, 2013

Some folks here at Martin have partnered with Enrichmond & [Blue Bee Cider(http://www.bluebeecider.com/) to create a community apple orchard downtown:

David Vogaleer:

But before we can plant the trees, we have to clear the land. That’s where the “kids” come in. Instead of using heavy equipment or chemicals to clear the land out, we want to use goats. Lots of goats. And I’ve seen them in action, they can tear some through shrubbery.

We are hoping to raise $5k by the end of our kickstarter campaign to pay for the goats, and we have some really cool prizes to go along with backing it.

It’s great to see the agency doing good here in the city. David also worked on an incredible interactive mural a few months back. I wrote a post about it but it was eaten by the Squarespace sarlacc.

Don’t you want to help pay for some goats? At least read about it. You’ll be glad you did!

Go here to pitch in or read more about it.

More complaining about posting with Squarespace…

Recorded on November 17th, 2013

Chris Gonzolez put together a Squarespace wishlist that reminded me of some of the frustrations I’ve written about. He makes a number of great points, but this continues to be my main frustration:

If Squarespace isn’t going to update its own app – it’s been 25 weeks (!) since the last iPad update – they should open up some kind of public API for 3rd-party apps to use. If I could just publish directly from Byword or Editorial, it would change my entire game.

Their head of operations (I think?) replied to a frustrated tweet of mine with a cryptic “stay tuned,” but at this rate it could be years.

I’ve been thinking of continuing to use Squarespace for a home base, but moving my blog to a platform better suited to day-to-day posting. Tumblr or any of the Dropbox blogging services offer much better blogging functionality. But maybe if I wait long enough…

If you’re paying attention, you’re not paying attention…

Recorded on November 15th, 2013

Those registering lower on a test that measured mindfulness were able to identify more quickly a series of repeating geometric patterns on a computer screen that they were unaware they were learning. This type of unconscious, or implicit, learning is the same automatic mental process used in teaching yourself to ride a bike or that a child marshals in intuiting underlying grammatical rules by listening to the ways a parent strings together sentences.”

The Martin Agency Kitchen

Recorded on November 13th, 2013

The agency is starting up a great new program for creative “types” looking to spend a few months inside an agency making awesome stuff:

Combine 15 overachieving prodigies from the worlds of art, copy, design, film, digital and business, give ‘em actual real-world assignments and you get The Martin Agency Kitchen. No, we won’t bore you with culinary-puns and hackneyed cooking metaphors. Although that would be kinda fun.

We’re here to throw down the gauntlet and ask you if you’re up for the challenge to blow people’s minds with the kickassest of kickass work EVER CREATED.

So are you ready to bring the pain for three months and come home with three completed projects like: a killer music video, new business, branded apps, art installations and alien-grade inventions? Then read on, amigos.

Check it out here: martinagencykitchen.com

Disclaimer: I’m still waiting for my tailored pants.

Unpleasant Design

Recorded on November 12th, 2013

Unpleasant Design is a phenomenon in which social control is inherent in the design of objects and spaces. Park benches with a central armrest where one cannot sleep, blue light in public toilets which makes intravenous injection impossible, (((it’s amazing what one can learn from design fandom))) are just a few common features we regularly encounter in public spaces. In recent years, unpleasant design has become a global fashion with many examples to be found across cities worldwide.


Designing “unpleasant design” is an intricate process. During the Unpleasant Design workshop, participants use persuasive and coercive design techniques to invent a design which targets a specific group, behavior or product. Particular attention will be paid to technologies, which enable discrimination and the role of pervasive technology in urban spaces. Participants will actively explore this change through the application of unpleasant design.

Some might mistake this for passive aggressive design. Or use it as a way to condescend to MBA’s who work in marketing. I’m just happy to have a two word term that so neatly describes product strategy in the cable industry.

late for meeting

Recorded on November 10th, 2013

directed by David Lewandowski

(HT Deb Grant) 

Vice wonders why “so many social media managers are dipshits”

Recorded on November 5th, 2013

Tom McElligott, founding creative partner of the great Minneapolis ad agency, Fallon McElligott Rice, once said, and I paraphrase because this was pre-internet 1980s: I would much rather overestimate than underestimate the intelligence of the consumer. That quote really stuck with me in ad school, and McElligott became an early hero of mine. You can see some of his creative work, which includes the brilliant Rolling Stone “Perception/Reality” trade campaign, here.

McElligott was a very smart ad man. Today, many of the social media managers at large and important companies are, by contrast, not very smart ad men. To say that they regularly underestimate their customers’ intelligence would be a great understatement. They seem to believe their customers have the brain power of a baked potato.

This seems to be the question of the hour. Or at least I’ve found myself having this conversation a lot lately. How can community management be so universally terrible?

I’m not sure it’s a question of under-estimating customers - that might be over-estimating community managers.

More likely it’s a combination of posting too much without having anything to say, highly creative positions being filled with the wrong people, and misguided expectations from marketing teams.