Working a System

It’s how people sit down everyday to grind out new ideas and make new things. It’s showing up. Everyday.

It’s also how we keep Mr. Robot out of our heads.

It took me a long time to appreciate habit. I grew up without any. Smoking was the my first real habit, but I haven’t even had a cigarette in twelve years.

This all changed in March of 2015 when I started a new workout program. The name of the program isn’t important – it’s also embarrassing – What matters is that it removed the burden of having to think.

There was no question, no room for rationalization. Nominees for internet searches or second guessing. Putting it off until “tomorrow” just wasn’t an option unless I wanted to progress more slowly through the system.

I’m still going six days a week, and it still kills me to have to take one day off per week.

This is where I’d like to get with writing. A place where the default is sitting down, cranking out some ideas, and publishing.


All of this nonsense isn’t for you. It’s for me.

And really, it’s utility isn’t for right now. It’s for later.

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