W+K Platform


Way back in October, Russell reached out to me to see if I wouldn't mind meeting with Sam and Lucy from W+K London while they were in the Bay Area. Naturally, given that it was Russell, given that it was people from W+K, and given that I was offered free coffee, I agreed. They were interested in talking to people who had gone to ad school, as well as people who worked in various kinds of creative places to get a feel for how to best implement a school/internship type thing at W+K London.

Well, it looks like they've got the program up and running. They've now officially launched the site and are recruiting 12 folks from a myriad of disciplines. What's interesting about it is the thought that the future of marketing communications might involve more than the what agencies are currently set up to deliver.

"You will learn by doing which means being involved in everything from building prototypes, enabling and assisting in research development to curating your very own event space and programme."

Awesome. I'd apply if I weren't already an ad wonk.

They are taking applications through Friday, July 10th (London time).  Visit their site for more (better) info.