We done got us a dang ol’ 3D printer…

We have a 3D printer at the agency now, which puts us all one step closer to printing our own Tie-Fighters. Or so I was led to believe. I’m also still waiting on an MST3K sillhoutte for my computer monitor. But you know what they say about creative technologists. Am I right?

I must be honest with you, our 3D printer is a little bit different from your typical office equipment! It took me quite a while to work out how to use our photocopiers, scanners, and printers back in the day, so goodness knows if I will be able to print off something in 3D unassisted! Getting a 3D printer has reminded me of the first time we ever got regular printers actually. I can remember our manager looking into printer leasing options. Quite often it can work out much cheaper for companies to lease their office equipment as opposed to buying it outright. You can learn more about leasing office equipment at midshire.co.uk.

As for the 3D printer though, if you’re at all interested in this sort of thing, Jeff posted about what it’s been like to use and maintain a Makerbot Replicator Dual for the past nine months over on the agency blog:

About 9 months ago we got our first 3D printer in the lab, the MakerBot Replicator Dual. We would describe our relationship with the printer as complicated. Some days it’s working perfectly and printing non-stop, other days, it just sits there and stubbornly doesn’t work. We’ve had amazing experiences with the customer support at MakerBot, but some things just require learning by doing.

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