Voice Recognition and the Singularity

I’m all for technological progress and making the world an easier place to live, but I’m starting to wonder if we’ve perhaps jumped the gun on this voice recognition automated phone system thing.

It’s not because it doesn’t really work, though one could easily make that argument. Neither is it because making phone calls around other people has become an exercise in minimizing the public shaming of sternly and repeatedly saying things like “billing question” and “representative” before breaking into very long streams of numbers or admitting that “I don’t know it.” People can tell when it’s not going well and you’re losing a battle of wits to a phone robot that doesn’t have any.

Now, if you read enough Internet throughout the day, you might be aware of the forthcoming singularity. The point in which machines become smarter than us and potentially self-aware. This could happen soon. And I’d hate for their to be any kind of residual memory of a time gone by, when humans were literally cussing out the phone robots who weren’t able to understand anything because other humans thought it would be so cool to try and talk our way through phone systems rather than just pressing buttons.

Look, IT folk. I know that you have to always be pushing things forward to give the appearance of doing your jobs, but voice recognition isn’t ready yet. All you’re accomplishing is making us look extra crushable to our future machine overlords.