This post started as an overly dramatic take about the past 6 months.

I have no proof that we weren’t pulled into a black hole sometime last year. March was at least 12 years ago, but August is only 30 seconds away.

But no one is here to learn about what’s been happening in the world. At least I hope not.

As far as post-apocalyptic dwellers go, we’ve been fortunate. Everyone has been healthy and we haven’t killed each other. Yet.

And we adopted a pup!

She’s a Goldendoodle named Lexie.

She’s very small. Very fluffy. And full of pointy teeth for biting everyone. In fact, she’s never not puppy-biting someone.

More as the situation developes …

I miss the experiments of the Olde Internette.

Time was, people would try little experiments online. Like supergluing something to a wall and live-streaming it, or writing on a website that they owned.

Heady times. Back before social media killed the open web.

I’m always happy to see experimental webthings popping up. It’s proof that there’s still life out there.

Two such internety experiments popped up today:

  1. This website is an interactive map that writes a Haiku based on where you are in NYC.
  2. On this website music samples are plotted along the 13 dimensions of self-reported emotional experience evoked by music across cultures. (HT Rob Campbell)