Three Year Olds are Huggers

After you get older than three, you forget that three-year-olds are actually tiny people with a tiny culture.

It started when they were two. Dropping off my son at day care, another two-year-old would say hi, and he’d say hi back.

Like they are real people that have any business communicating with each other.

Now we’re at a place where I can’t get near his room without the other kids yelling out that his “dad is here.”

He’s in the back of the room doing god knows what with his friends, and he’s posted lookouts at the front of the room.

But then there is the hugging. These kids like to hug. And they don’t care who you are. Tonight I had to bend down to help my son get his shoes on, and I was nearly pulled under by a room full of toddlers that were desperate to hug me.

If you are pulled under, remember to swim perpendicular to the tide, rather than against it.