The unbridled excitement of: a new toothbrush

Thats right, I got a new toothbrush.  It's not just any toothbrush though, it's an electric.  I am the proud owner of a brand new sonicare e7300.  So what. 

So what?  I'll tell you what.  I'm pumped.  After living in the technological shadow of my girlfriend and my roommate for so long, I'm now a proud member of the dental technocracy. 

I think that the packaging is what has really gotten me jazzed about brushing my teeth, which speaks to one of two things:  I'm either the biggest nerd to have ever roamed the earth, or great packaging can do wonders for the consumers interaction with a product.  I think it's the latter, but it's probably a little of both.  But to prove that it isn't just my nerdery, just think for a minute about what it was like when you opened your first iPod. 

Let's fire this puppy up…