The Siren Call of Dropbox Blogging Services

Gary tweeted about a new blogging service called Droplets the other day, noting that it would fuel my obsession with blog platform switching.

Luckily, it was easy to brush off once I saw the bit about self-hosting.

Also, I don’t have a blog platform switching obsession.

I have my 6 month chip.

But his tweet did trigger something in my brain, because I’ve spent most of tonight looking at Dropbox integrated blogging platforms. Things like [](, [Markbox]( and [Skrivr](

They work by turning markdown formatted text files in Dropbox into blog posts … they don’t do much else. But the ability to just write a text file and stick it in a folder with any images I’d like to use sounds perfect for how I’m doing most of my writing these days: markdown formatted in text editors like Byword, Drafts and Editorial. I’m not using a ton of other features with my blog anyways.

I’m not ready to leave Squarespace, because it’s 90% awesome and I feel like they’ve got something in the works that’ll make publishing a little bit better. But I might start playing around with one or two of those other services on the side.