The New Handbook For Cyberwar Is Being Written By Russia

Buzzfeed on Russia’s Cyberwar::

One US intelligence officer currently involved in cyber ops said, “It’s not that the Russians are doing something others can’t do. It’s not as though, say, the US wouldn’t have the technical skill level to carry out those types of attacks. It’s that Russian hackers are willing to go there, to experiment and carry out attacks that other countries would back away from,” said the officer, who asked not to be quoted by name due to the sensitivity of the subject. “It’s audacious, and reckless. They are testing things out in the field and refining them, and a lot of it is very, very messy and some is very smart.””

  1. I’ve just unplugged everything in my house.

  2. It still feels strange to see Buzzfeed doing good journalism. But good on them for putting their cat-listicle cash-machine to good use.