Easy Fiction

I’ve had a really hard time getting back into reading fiction. Over the past two years, I’ve started several books that I didn’t, couldn’t, finish. It was awful.

So after I heard enough positivity about the Expanse series, I picked up the first one and set out to conquer it.

It worked. I’m now well into the third book in the series. All it took was something a little less dense, and a little less likely to end up on the New Yorker’s reading list.

Not to say it’s dumb or bad, but it’s an easy read.

And I’ve been able to replace a lot of social media scrolling with actually reading a book. It’s been great. I feel like I’m getting reading in, I’m not wasting time mashing heart shaped buttons.

Interesting thing about The Expanse is seeing the authors projecting our current technology into their future world. In the same way that Star Wars made futuristic space technology look like knobs and flashing lights, the Expanse features everyone using iPhones … Or “hand terminals.”