Squarespace redesigned on iOS

Whoops…spoke too soon.

After writing another post about the problems of posting to Squarespace from iOS the night before last, they went ahead and released some updates.

We’re excited to announce two brand new iOS apps for Squarespace customers – Squarespace Blog and Squarespace Metrics – as well as iOS 7 updates for Note and Portfolio.

As Squarespace’s functionality continues to expand, we’ve focused on creating an entire suite of applications around Squarespace’s core product. This lets us focus each app on specific functionality, providing a clear, targeted interface that helps you accomplish exactly what you need to do on the go.

I’m using the new iPhone app to write this. So far it’s working well. And wow is it great to look at. It seems to have the full functionality of the desktop website. Which probably wasn’t easy to do.

I was hoping for a URL scheme to work with or some kind of Dropbox integration. There’s a lot to be said for being able to write in a proper text editor. Though that probably makes me a bit of an edge case for their target users.

I’m afraid that after looking into so many blogging services that use Dropbox to publish markdown formatted text files as posts, any other method of posting seems a little bit inefficient considering that I’m already doing all of my writing in Dropbox synced text files.

Sven just wrote about moving Simplicitybliss to [Kirby] and I am incredibly jealous. Also, I’m happy to see that one of my favorite bloggers shares my inability to Stay. Put.

A Positive Outcome from the Apple Ebook Judgement

Say what you will about the ruling in the Apple e-Book price fixing case, at least one outcome will be beneficial to actual humans:

Apple will have to let rival retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble include links to their online bookstores from inside their apps under the terms of a Department of Justice proposal that was published on Aug. 2. Apple does not allow apps to link to outside stores.

Buying Kindle books on iOS has been the user experience equivalent of being flogged with a rubber hose since Amazon was forced to take out their store link a year or two back.