A Beautiful Ripple Through Predictive Algorithms

It was 18:08 and therefore too early for George Mann to leave work. This was logged by Bob Sykes and Mann’s predictive algorithms were realigned, including his projected retirement age, monthly health insurance payments, and bonus prospects. Indeed, a beautiful ripple passed through all the predictive algorithms as they were adjusted accordingly.

Hooters and the Future of Coworking

The Verge, writing about the coworking service Spacee and their partnership with Hooters in Tokyo:

Hooters is offering 20 seats from 1-7 PM, times when it isn’t particularly busy. A 30-minute work block can be booked through Spacee, which requires no sign-up or membership fees. And each 30-minute block is only 50 yen or about 48 cents. If you need a workspace for the full six hours a day, five days a week, that’s only 60 bucks a month.

Finally, your weird neighbor can knock out a basket of wings and yell about sports while whiteboarding an investor pitch.

The First Cyberwar

Martin Belam at the Guardian thinks we’re living through the world’s first cyber war:

This always makes me wonder what broader patterns we might be missing in our own lives, and I’ve come round to thinking that we might already be living through the first world cyberwar – it’s just that we haven’t acknowledged or named it yet.

Really interesting article. Though I’m not sure this is going to be something that starts and stops like conventional wars. He mentions espionage in the article, which feels like a better parallel. Just as there are always spies doing spy work, there will always be states hacking other states.

There’s no way to prevent it, it’s difficult to know when it’s happened, and there doesn’t seem to be any real deterrent.