Your App is not a Unique and Special Snowflake

Technology people will never learn that you can’t win on features alone. Any feature can be copied. And any technology can be surpassed.

Instagram stories steal snapchat, image via Techcrunch

See: Instagram Stories.

Snapchat @snapchat: That moment when Facebook comes into your house, eats your lunch, and flips your wife the bird. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m only PARTIALLY writing this in response to a Brandcenter student who thinks it’s my fault she didn’t invest in Snap before shares went up last month. Of course, that’s before yesterday, when Kylie Jenner forced grandpa to keep working until he’s 80.

But mostly I’m writing this because Marco Arment, the guy that invented read-it-later services, co-founded Tumblr, and makes my favorite podcasting app, wrote some advice about [Defending your app from copies and clones){]:

The instant someone else has the same feature or design as you, the public and press see it as a collective checkbox feature, or a “standard” or “obvious” design, that apps in this category just have. It’s no longer yours.

When Legal Departments Build Brands

Panera is calling for a federal crackdown on the eggs in its competitors’ breakfast sandwiches – The Washington Post:

…if bakery chain Panera gets its way, restaurants won’t be able to call those yellow patties “eggs” in the future. Last week, the company petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to update its 40-year-old definition of the word to exclude most of the processed egg products that have become popular with fast-food chains and food-service.

Great example of brand being bigger than marketing. Unless of course the marketing department came up with this idea. Or even their agency. But lets just file this under “good ideas can come from anywhere, even Panera’s legal department.”