Sudafed + Meth

The recent eruption of my sinus cavities was severe enough to get me to the store to pick up some Sudafed.  I haven't purchased Sudafed in a few years, so I was surprised to find that if you want Sudafed you have to grab a card from the medicine aisle, take it to the store pharmacy, and then show your ID to get entered into some database.  This is all to prevent Sudafed from being turned into Meth.  My first thought was that Sudafed must be losing a ton of money on this.  There are a lot of other medicines on the shelf that alleviate the same symptoms in different ways.  I wonder how many pick something else rather than be inconvenienced. 

Then I remembered the Meth campaign that Venables Bell did for the Montana Meth Project, and then I remembered why it was so important to put Sudafed behind the counter.  Check out the ads that were done for this.  They have been incredibly effective, probably because they scare the hell out of people. 

Here's some of the print work: