The Hummer Saw its Shadow—6 More Years of Recession.

I spotted this H2 out for a drive a few weeks ago. It seems like it’s been a few years since I’d last seen one. But I’ve noticed more and more of them on the road since then, returning from the dark recesses of McMansion garages where they’ve been slumbering since 2008. Clearly, someone forgot the double-tap to the head. 

There’s no “too soon” for a Hummer owner. It must take some big brass ones to dust off the harbinger of the end of Western Civilization to take it for a spin. But no one ever confused conscientiousness, nuance and empathy with traits that would be found behind the wheel of GM’s answer to the M1 Abrams Battle Tank. So move your ass out of the way, recession, America’s riding shotgun and we’ve got ass-kicking to do  … or …  groceries to get. And we might need to pick the kids up at the rec center while we’re out.