Relevant Things Are Not Pushed At Us

iA Writer has been writing on their blog again, and it’s really good. It’s hitting on a lot of topics that I’ve been thinking about recently. Like this bit about algorithms being unable to serve up anything of real worth:

Relevant things are not pushed at us. They are not new or breaking and easily forgotten. Meaningful insights are found, and they are remembered. They can be years old but they’re never yesterday’s new, they are why-didn’t-I-know-that-already kind of insights. And they are worth re-reading. Things pushed in our stream through an algorithm tailored to our weakness are the digital equivalent of the calls that try to lure you in when you walking down a street in Bangkok. Want a Medium Massage?

Pretty insightful for an app developer. I’ve been trying to spend less time in algorithmic feeds and more time with RSS or writing here. It just feels better. And I also feel like I’m learning again.

Source: Take the Power Back – iA