Re-Breaking the Seal

I had a streak of writing and posting going. Over 30-days. I liked that I was posting everyday. What I didn’t like was putting it off until the end of the day. Trying to publish something worthwhile is difficult through closing eyelids.  

That shouldn’t be a deterrent. 

The amazing thing is how hard it is to maintain that habit, but one or two days missed turns into a streak that is even harder to break. It’s not just because it’s easier to not publish than it is to sit down and write. 

It’s because once time has gone by, the pressure to write something good enough to signal the return to form, or to be the one post that will appear over the next day or two, grows everyday. The bar raises itself by the hour until the next post starts taking on the weight that the third book in the bible trilogy would carry. 

It’s like day old Jello with skin across the top.  

This post is here to break the seal. To get back to it. Quiet the nagging voices and shoo away the paralyzing thoughts of grandeur. 

This is a blog. Nothing more. Nothing less.