Punk is Bullshit

Dave Grohl is one if the reasons why I bought a drum set in 5th grade, which means I can probably blame him for playing in bands, skipping class, not doing my math homework, and consequently working in advertising. I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s ever done, and it turns out that I like the way he thinks.

He’s just out out a movie about Sound City, a studio in LA where so much legendary music was recorded. From Fleetwood Mac to Nirvana’s first album, the music that came through the mixing board there has pretty much remade the world. I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but one unexpected bonus from the movie has been Dave’s press junket, including some podcasts that I really like. Which means beyond the 5-minutes on Letterman, there are a couple really good, hour long interviews floating around out there.

I like his outlook on irony and that punk rock mindset of there being rules about what is ok to like and what isn’t. He thinks it’s bullshit. That people should like what they like. That guilty pleasures don’t need to be guilty. And I totally agree.

But that’s my idealized-self speaking. I’m a recovering music and entertainment snob. It didn’t just stop at music, movies and TV shows. If you had told me in college that I’d be on twitter and have a blog in 10-years, I’d still be punching myself in the face. Just ask my wife…I can be miserable to be around when I think I know better than whatever she is watching.

Though to be fair, she watches a lot of reality shows about terrible people.