Podcasting as Business Cosplay

In one of my first classes this semester, I was asked by a student if there were any podcasts that I’d recommend. He was probably hoping for access to a super secret world of strategy podcasts that only real strategists know about.

I didn’t name any names. Most marketing/business podcasts feel like listening to people (who are cosplaying as business gurus) network with each other.

Just awful. And probably the result of setting out to make “content.”

Remember that content is a synonym for “filler.”

Most podcasts that I listen to these days fall into one of three genres:

  1. Political Catharsis
  2. Odd Journalists, Offbeat Topics
  3. Late Night Denny’s Conversations from High School

All of them tend to be under-produced. Unscripted. Conversations that explore topics and evolve naturally.

If it sounds like it’s trying too hard to seem professional, it’s out.

If it sounds like a morning zoo, it’s out.

If it involves Joe Rogan, it’s out.

The Good Stuff:
1. Interesting conversations.
2. Interesting people.
3. Occasionally something that applies to my life or job.

That’ll be different for everyone.

But 99% Invisible is pretty good.