Plain Text FTW

I’ve been trying to get students to start writing in text files when working on their portfolio sites, rather than writing directly into Squarespace. It’s not easy to do until after they realize they’ve spent more time adjust images than writing a coherant case.

I then recommend that they try writing in plain text, in a txt file, so that they focus on getting the narrative in place before losing 48-hours to cropping jpegs or finding the right combination of font ls for headers and body.

Most of them have no idea what I’m talking about. So I show them Text Edit. They seem appreciative. Then go home and continue writing in their browser. Like an animal.

I’d like to be able to recommend a better app for writing in plain text. Something that feels modern in how it works, but doesn’t let formatting or collaboration features get in the way.

All of which is to give an excuse for why I’m playing with IA Writer over the summer. It’s become a really great app, and it’s available on just about every platform. It’s got great features for a plain text app, and it doesn’t require a recurring subscription.

And it can post to WordPress…

BTW, this post is a test and not meant for human consumption