Obligatory (and Tardy) New Year’s Blog Post

It's that time of year when blogs are filling up with New Year's Resolution Posts, yearly recaps and predictions for what the new year holds. Also, I'm sure there will be a few billion social media bloggers blogging about how social media will change everything this year. Probably by creating a list of ten things that they've already talked about a hundred times.  

But I digress…

I had been thinking about posting some sort of resolutions before the holiday snuck by, and some kind of recap on how I did with my resolutions from 2010.  

The problem is that several unexpected, yet gigantic disruptive things happened. It turns out that moving across the country and having a baby creates a blackhole that sucks up the free time and spare mindspace needed to complete such silly things as learning to program and novel writing. 

And that's probably not going to change this year. 

So this year I'm going to keep my goals personal and professional; stick to things not interesting enough to bother the Internets with.

Instead, I thought I'd just start things off with the poster that Ben worked on for The Gaurdian's New Year's edition: 

Start Happy

Yep. That'll do.