Neocities is the New Geocities

Remember Geocities? Remember when you made fun of Geocities after it went away and we were all so smug and advanced and didn’t need Smashing Pumpkins Webrings anymore? Then remember how everything got really boring? Kyle Drake does: 

We used to call it “surfing” the web, and that was actually a good way to describe it. There was a certain adventure to the activity – a fun and excitement in exploring the unknown.

Go to a Facebook profile, and ponder what we have now. Instead of having adventures into the great unknowns of the web, we instead now spend most of our time on social networks: boring, suburban gated communities, where everybody’s “profile” looks exactly the same, and presents exactly the same content, in the same arrangement. Rarely do we create things on these networks; Instead, we consume, and report on our consumption. The uniformity and blandness rival something out of a Soviet bloc residential apartments corridor. And now adding to that analogy, we’ve found out that our government is actually spying on us while we’re doing it, in ways the Stasi could only dream of. The web we have today is a sad, pathetic, consumption-oriented digital iron curtain, and we need to change that.

His solution is to create a new version of Geocities. A place where people have complete control over what their website looks like and their privacy. His full rantifesto can be found here.   

Hat Tip: Bud