I've been tagged by Luca on the Mediasnackers meme (although I don't know what a 'meme' is) and I've thought about it for a couple days because I didn't get what the question was and then I didn't immediately have anything to say about it.  So here's the gist of it:  young people consume their media in tiny bits rather than in large chunks like they used to … and when I blog, do I respect the Mediasnacker. 

I think the answer is no. I use this more as a way to flesh out ideas and thinking than as a platform for content.  The role of the reader for me is as an accountability system for preventing laziness.  If you don't blog, you'd be surprised by how guilty you feel if you haven't posted in a long time (like anyone really cares), and you'd be surprised by how effective the threat of someone reading your ramblings is at encouraging you to become a better writer.

But in meeting the Mediasnackers criteria I try to keep things brief (often unsuccessfully) but its more in response to Darth Strategist's urging me to work on brevity a couple of years ago.  Its important in planning and I would think its becoming more and more important for the world at large as we are all losing more time and are required to take in an increasing amount of information in order to just get by.   

We are all taught in school that we have to write incredibly long papers in order to make a point.  From personal experience, imposing lengthy limits on papers only creates an immense amount of filler.  A more useful exercise for the modern world would probably be asking students to write a 20 page paper and then have them write the same paper in one page without losing the point or the effectiveness of the argument. 

Didn't so much answer the question (or meme) as I did ramble.  And I'm still not sure that I understood what the question was…but I do feel better at having answered Luca's tag.  And thats what being a modern American is all about.  Making yourself feel good.  Right?

I'm going to tag the usual suspects I suppose.  Gareth. Russell.  Noah … and how about El Gafney.