Learning in a Creative Setting

Sometimes I forget how much the Brandcenter can resemble an art school.

Most of our students have never experienced education in an arts environment before. And their biggest challenge is often letting go of concrete formulas and external signifiers of ranking. There are no right answers. No secret levers to pull, no shortcuts, no standard formulas … and you’ll never be finished learning.

Billy Martin, one of my favorite drummers, has a lot to say about teaching and creativity. This quote from an interview with Modern Drummer does a great job of illustrating the struggle and tension that a lot of our first year students go through.

I tell my students that I want them to push themselves when they’re in front of me and when they’re alone too, because they’re going to have discoveries about themselves. It’s not about winning or being the “best,” the fastest, or the most know-it-all. It’s about getting to know yourself. And pushing yourself to the point where you’re on the edge and making discoveries.