Killzapper and VidWipe

Brett Terpstra is the only developer that sells his own t-shirt. Or I should say, he’s the only developer that sells a t-shirt that I bought.

Why did I buy a t-shirt made by a developer?

Because Brett Terpstra makes tools and services that make Macs more powerful. And usually he posts them for free on his site.

Here’s two bookmarklets that he developed to kill things on websites (like autoplay videos or ads) with the click of a mouse or a keyboard hotkey:
1. KillZapper – Click to Kill web annoyances:

Click the bookmarklet in the menubar, then click anything on the page. Once you click (or hit a key), it turns off, so you don’t risk deleting anything else. It specifically targets the tags div, video, figure, and aside, and iframe. That should cover the majority of annoyances.

  1. VidWipe – Delete ’em all:

Ok, so KillZapper was kind of cool in the way it let you target specific elements, but after running into issues on sites like CNN where I couldn’t easily control the click handlers and determine parent elements, I decided to just make this simpler. Click this bookmarklet to just kill all iframes and HTML5 video elements on the page without prejudice.