Jefe, would you say I have a PLETHORA of screens?

We got a Web-enabled TV last year and made a shocking discovery: Web stuff on your TV is a terrible experience. Not only does it shrink the size of your television content, but it's also apparently where user experience goes to die. Why I would take 30 minutes to post something to Facebook from my TV when I have 5 devices around me that would let me do it in 30 seconds is beyond me. Also, Krissie needs the full screen so she can help dopey NCIS solve their one crime a day. 

Anyways, while some companies are busy trying to cram the entire internet onto the side of your TV screen, there's more and more thinking being done about creating multi-screen experiences that take advantage of the plethora of screens we've suddenly found ourselves living with. 

We've been doing a lot of thinking at the office about it lately (big deal), Russell's written a great post on secondary attention on secondary screens (shocking), and then there's this brilliantly simple presentation from Precious on different patterns for making screens work together (useful):   

Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies

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