I Want Google Glass to Fail.

Deep down in my bitter, black heart, I know that Google Glass is going to stick. I like to tell people that I think it’s going to be the next Segway. But let’s be honest. Even if it’s not Glass, some other HUD device will come along and win out. We’re crossing a line here. People are going to have the Internet on their heads from now on. It’s going to be too useful for some to have it all up in their grill. 

So yeah, it’ll catch on. But it’ll probably be a bit different from the masculine utopia Sergey Brin and his beard envision. It’ll stick in the same way that Bluetooth earpieces stuck. Useful for specific situations, but generally a great way accessorize a jersey. 

Dads will be on board too. The faux leather case and badly applied screen cover they were sold at Best Buy will be right at home alongside a pair of pleated khakis. 

Surely some scrappy young entrepreneur is in a basement somewhere, 3D-printer in hand and dream in heart, working to bring the coolness factor of the cellphone belt-holster to this new category in some form. Dad’s gotta look dumb. And Case Logic has deep pockets.