I really like the iPad Mini. A lot.

It took about a year and a half to find a use for my first gen iPad. It was always great for nighttime reading on the Kindle App, but months would go by where it would stay buried under a pile of magazines or left in the freezer or something weird like that. Then I’d see someone using theirs at work and feel like I needed to give it another go. It was cross platform apps like Things and Evernote as well as the speed of RSS apps like Reeder¬†and Mr. Reader that finally made it click. (The former needs a lot of service updating to keep up with the latter.)

Once it started getting long in the tooth at 23 months (!) I decided to pick up a new one. I had no intention of ever getting an iPad Mini as it seemed like a bad idea. But when I saw the price, and then read this article, I was pretty well sold. Needless to say, my wife was thrilled that I was heading to the Apple Store to buy another iPad. She’s always bugging me about getting more devices. If I had a nickel for every time she nagged me with the tired old refrain of “We need more video game consoles!” I’d be a wealthy man.

The Mini is awesome. I usually have it with me all day now. I use it for RSS, for blogging, for reading, to control our Sonos, and it’s lately made a really convenient portal for Satan to suck my soul via Candy Crush Saga. Also, it’s really great for taking notes in meetings, which presents some problems.

  1. Typing notes makes it look like you’re not paying attention. Maybe texting, sending an email, or playing Candy Crush Saga. It doesn’t matter how actively you listen. You still come across as a condescending jerk.
  2. Using a stylus to handwrite notes instantly transforms you into a Palm Pilot slinging realtor from the 90s or someone’s Farmville playing grandmother.
Naturally, it’s better to look like you’re not paying attention than it is to look like you’re not a real cool dude.
In any case, I think the mini is way better than the full size iPad. Even with the lack of a retina display the form factor makes it so much more useful. Also, it’s a much better fit between my phone and MacBook Air.
If I had any sort of affiliate link for a place to buy one, I’d insert it here.