The Gray Man Directive

From the always interesting Ribbonfarm, a post about a corner of survivalist society that could start leaking into mainstream culture as a backlash to the oversharing inclusiveness of social media culture: (Don’t) Be the Gray man:

According to, a “gray man” is “an individual who possesses the skills, ability and intent to blend into any situation or surrounding without standing out, concealing his or her true skills, ability, and intent from others.” The term “gray man” is currently used by survivalists who believe that dressing and acting “gray” will improve their chances if shit hits the fan (SHTF).

The gray man prefers to carry his weapons and supplies in a dorky messenger bag like the Vertex EDC Satchel, designed to “blend into everyday life” while still holding ballistic inserts and allowing for rapid firearm draws.

Just as affecting a folksy down-to-earthness helps people like George Bush and Warren Buffet retain power and goodwill, affecting a dorky harmlessness while keeping one’s assets hidden will be a powerful strategy for the 21st century.

The author goes on to address Gray Man mentality in people with strong political views, how it could influence the fashion industry, and how it’s different from Normcore.

The Doctor may be the greatest Gray of all time.