Google+ is (still) Rock Ridge from Blazing Saddles

I like Google+. I think it just works better than Facebook and I like that you don’t have to click through to links to see what they actually are, like Twitter.

The only problem is that if you want to communicate with other people, you still have to use one of the other two.

Which is why I was interested when I got this email from emarketer this morning:

Google+ Trumps Twitter, Earning Second Place for Total US Social Networkers

Breaking down social network use by gender shows that women are more likely to be on most social network sites, especially Pinterest. But overall, Google+—a relatively new contender in the social network horse race—has taken second place for both men and women.

Interestingly, and unsurprisingly in hindsight, when you click through to the article you realize that it only means to say that there are more Google+ accounts than Twitter. It doesn’t mean anyone actually uses it. Which means that it’s still in largely the same place it was last year when Forbes wrote about G+ and its failure to launch:

Google Plus has tens of millions of users! Yes, that’s technically true, but it disguises the true figures. Google has pushed Plus hard over the past year, suggesting that everyone who has ANY sort of Google account, Gmail, YouTube or otherwise, to press a few buttons to get their own G+ space. Google is constantly recommending my real life friends as potential circlers, but these are the same friends I talked about earlier who made an account once out of curiosity, and have never touched it since.