Going Streaking in the New Year

I’ve been streaking for a few months using an app called Streaks.

And I’ve got some good things going.

I’ve now flossed for 107 days straight. And I’ve closed my Apple Watch activity rings for 107 days as well. Which may give a clue as to when I started using the app.

I’ve not had the same success with the other four habits I’ve been tracking. Posting here, practicing drums, writing for 15-minutes…no streaking. None less streaked. Mindful minutes is new as of 2 days ago. Time will tell on that one.

It works best once a streak is in progress. The higher the number, the higher the stakes. I’ve gotten out of bed on more than one occasion when I realized I forgot to floss after brushing.

On days that I don’t go to the gym, I’ve been much more likely to take the stairs or go on walks to maintain my activity streak. As much as I’d love to get a mechanical watch, the Apple Watch has helped me change things for the better.

Recommended app.

Recommended wearable (if we’re still calling them wearables).

And maybe starting a new streak with this post.