Everyone say hello to August.

For a few years, Undercurrent was one of my favorite companies. Not to say that I knew what they actually did, but a lot of people that I’ve respected have worked there, and they talked a mean game online as individuals and an organization. In fact, one of my professional regrets, not involving holiday parties or fantasy football, is having not had the chance to work with them.

Naturally, I was taken aback when it was announced that Undercurrent was no longer a company.

That wasn’t too long ago. Maybe a few weeks. And there’s already good news coming out of a seemingly bad situation … it looks like at least some of the team is rising from the ashes with a new vision and a new company: August.

From their website:
> August was founded with the belief that today’s most valuable work depends on teams of people who work well together.
> Unfortunately, the way most organizations operate today gets in the way of good teamwork, instead of supporting it.
> All around us are missions with the potential to change our world for the better. Some are incremental and are struggling to survive the next status meeting. Some are massive and require the coordinated resources of global institutions. Some will fix our biggest problems. Some will invent our future.
> Each of these missions needs a team that is capable of learning and adapting fast enough to get it done.
> August helps teams meet this challenge.

Sounds good to me, and not just because I’ve become obsessed, to a fault, with how great work is done, personal, organizational, and otherwise.

There are incredibly interesting problems to be solved within the companies that make up the brands that agencies service.

That is where changing to meet the future is going to come from…it radiates from within.

Congrats guys, looking forward to seeing where you take this thing…