Day 2 Has Been Hard.

After making an inadvisable declaration that I would be posting every day for the next seven days, I was worried most about the weekend. When would I be able to find the time to write with the kids around and the activities of the weekend to contend with?

Well, it turns out that Day Two is an asshole. That’s right. Friday. The last day of the work week. The optimism of an upcoming weekend. The drive to get the week tied up neatly. None of it helped.

Writing hasn’t been the problem. I’ve been wrestling several ongoing ideas and haven’t been able to pin any of them down into something coherent.

I’m going to chalk this up to two things:

  1. My brain is flabby after the summer.
  2. I’m being too precious…still feeling the need to make each one into a head-exploding, uranium-enriched, knowledge-bomb.

But this is the point of the challenge. It would be easy enough to just hang it up for the day and try again tomorrow. Then tomorrow, it would be easy to push till Sunday. Then on Sunday, it would be easy to point to Monday as the right time to start, being the beginning of the week and all.

It’s the habit that matters at this point.

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