Kinect is bringing the uncanny valley to your living room, and is about to make things weird (HT @edubble_u)

Obviously the technology is amazing. As I was watching, it made me wonder if what they've developed isn't as much of an entertainment technology as it is the foundation of the future of computing … sort of the Star Trek model of computers. Computers that you talk with as if they are people. Maybe this is what leads down the road to HAL 9000

… or maybe it's just another Wii.  

Apple makes cash registers.

Apple is credited with being a lot of things: innovative, user friendly, game changing, and more often than not, they are the subject of presentations on how to build a great company. They are the killer brand of the past 10 years, and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

But I think I figured out their game.  

They are in the cash register business.  

And they have innovated by putting one on their employees around the Apple Store: 

And they have put one in your computer: 

and in your pocket:

and in your kid's pocket: 

and in your living room:

And one … wherever iPad is supposed to go: 

Well played, Mr. Jobs.