Now Broadcasting Via $22 Standing Desk

I’ve been on the standing desk bandwagon for awhile now, but was having a hard time making it happen at the office.

Then I found instructions for building a standing desk on a regular desk for $22 of Ikea parts:

Building a standing desk on a regular desk

When you’re working in a coworking space (we’re in General Assembly in New York) or in a regular office, the friction to go from sitting to standing is usually high:

The cheapest adjustable standing desks are around $800 (geekdesk)
You already have an existing desk in your workspace
Your boss would rather you die in your chair than live on your feet
Marco Arment while working at Tumblr built his standing desk from stacking cans of soda stacking cans. Ryan and I did it with parts from Ikea for $22 (+ tax)

So, what’s the recipe?

Lack side table – $7.99
Viktor Shelf – $5.99
Ekby Valter bracket $4.00 x 2
Screws from home: free.
Total cost: $21.98

As a note, the Lack side table is now an appalling $9.99, so make sure you’re setting aside the full $24. Go here for the full instructions.

Here’s mine:

Mankind Making the Sun Explode

In tonight’s edition of Reading to Keep You Awake:

Humanity has fears, justified to greater or lesser degrees, about asteroids, warming of Earthly climate, extinctions, etc. which have very small probability. But all these would leave survivors—nobody thinks that the terrible annihilation of the Solar System would leave a single person alive. That explosion appears possible at the present time. In this paper is derived the “AB-Criterion” which shows conditions wherein the artificial explosion of Sun is possible.

From: Beyond The Beyond