Trader Joes Innovates My World

If you've been to Trader Joe's, you understand the greatness of it.  They seem to truly be focused on providing a better life to their consumers through food.  Case in point was this make your own salsa kit that they were selling on Super Bowl weekend.  I've been talking about making my own salsa for years, and this little kit turned my desire to make salsa into a turnkey salsa solution. 








And no, it wasn't very good.  But it was something to build on. 

*not pictured:  pepcid ac

The Anti-Google


In a world where Google seems to be ruling every aspect of the internet using algorythms to do searches and eliminating the need for a news editor, there's one site that my friend Heather brought to my attention that is doing just the opposite. has the standard computer generated search as an option, but they also have something that seems pretty new, a guide assisted search.  Using this service is free, and it connects you to someone who I'd have to assume is some kind of search expert to help you find what you are looking for. it's great to see another search company out there actively doing something to improve search in a new way. 

Delta: Worst Airline Ever

I've always kind of felt bad for airline marketing people.  It seems like they would sell their souls just to be able to generate any kind of consumer loyalty.  That all changed last night when our flight was delayed causing us to miss our connecting flight.  Not that bad right?  Well it was the last flight of the night, so we knew we were going to have to spend the night, whatever, it happens…but the ultimate kick in the teeth was when the customer service lady informed us that "since it was an air traffic control problem, it isn't our fault."  What that really meant was that because it wasn't "their fault," they pretty much couldn't have cared less about what happened to us in the 12 or 15 hours before we could get on the next flight.  We ended up having to book a 150 dollar hotel room and endure the incredible hassle of getting their and back the next morning. 

I've heard about stuff like this before, but I figured it was a relic of the 80s and early 90s.  Guess not.

So the point is this:  they are probably spending upwards of 100 million dollars for some ad agency to build brand loyalty and give people an emotional reason to pick their airline instead of just going by price, but they're missing the point.  I now know that they are not really committed to making it happen.  They may think they are committed to customers, but they're not. 

If you don't take care of your customers after you have them, they will not be returning, no matter if you "know why they fly" or can offer some cleverly named mileage program.   I've never felt more abandoned by a company before, and I will not be flying their airline again.