Carrot. The Homicidal Weather App

I’ve got a fine collection of weather apps in my life. And for that, I am thankful.

Weather Underground uses local weather stations for uncomfortably local reporting of conditions.

Weather Line is great at visualizing changes in conditions.

I’ve heard about Carrot for years. People like its salty personality, but I’ve also heard great things about the design and feature set.

Power users have always wanted to control sound volume, temperament and political leanings of their weather app. That dream is reality.

How abusive would you like your weather reports? Adjust personality here:



Tired of apolitical weather apps? Me too. Now you can get your weather from a card carrying communist, fancy anarchist libertarian, or sleepy, agreeable centrist.



I think setting the politics led to this when I found the White House on the location search game:

There are a lot of interesting capabilities baked into this thing. Here’s a couple:



And it’s really good at being a weather app. A foul mouthed, angry, hateful weather app.

Highly recommended. It can do a lot of really cool stuff.

It’s not free, and it shouldn’t be. It’s too good.