Blogging is fun again.

Today will mark the 16th consecutive day of posting here. Easily my longest streak. And you know what? It’s fun again.

Each day I post. Each day I feel good about it. Then I look forward to posting again tomorrow.

All of my favorite procrastination techniques have become null and void:

  1. The pressure to Win the Internet is gone. There’s no time to wait around for an industry changing idea to write about. You’d better pick a topic and then figure out how to write about it.

  2. I also can’t spend hours indulging myself with workflows or platforms or fiddling with different notes apps. There’s writing to be done. No matter how ridiculous or small or silly.

  3. When I’m posting to my own site, I only have to worry about what I think. I don’t have to think about algorithms or recommendations or any of the other nonsense that only proves you know how to dress for whichever dinner party you’re attending.

This is all good. Progress! Defying the odds. Sharpening the grey-matter. All of that…