Biases Against Podcast Professionalism

A note on podcast tonality from Kari Gee(?):

Some podcasts & hosts are almost too podcast-y, you know? The production values are slightly too polished, the voices a little too smooth. It’s like a schtick sometimes, like a schmoozy Rat Pack Vegas number: they hit every single beat you expect them to and leave no room for chance. But my biases against “professionalism” are my own cross to bear, so I barrel through.

Samesies. If it sounds too glossy, and it’s not from the NYTimes or a big media company, I’m out.

I’m not sure why. Are they too self-assured? Faking it instead of making it? It almost feels unprofessional, in the way recent college graduates will show up to their new jobs in shiny dress clothes for the first month or two. They think they appear professional. But they look like newbs to everyone else.

One constant problem you run into when showing ads to people in focus groups is the snap-to-grid tendency. People judge an ad by whether or not it looks and feels like their expectations of an ad.

No one needs an imitation of a radio show.

Just make it good.

Don’t worry so much about making it glossy.

Glossy attracts glossy listeners.

And they’ll want to connect on LinkedIn.