Change of Address

No, the blog isn’t moving. Despite my near-constant compulsion to change things up in a psychotic, never-ending drive to write more without actually writing more, I’ve managed to keep things where they are. Surprising…yes.

We’ve moved houses. Actually it happened about a month ago. And it’s turned into a full time job. I’ve still been consulting and working on a pro-bono project, but I’ve spent most of my time taking care of some water damage caused by the previous owners’ moving company.

During all of the fracas, I’ve fallen almost completely off of the Internet. My compulsion to rub eyeballs across Facebook is long gone since I quit using it in December. I haven’t been reading much online, and I haven’t found myself at a desk for long periods of time, both of which have led to completely ignoring Twitter. I occasionally find myself on Instagram. Algorithm be damned.

Snapchat is still inscrutable. It’s lot of work to put a bunch of stickers and an animated caption on something that someone might see for a split second. I’d call it ridiculous and a UX nightmare if that wasn’t calling myself old by proxy. So maybe it’s just not for me.

All of this time away from social media and its associated cortisol has been good for me.

No, I didn’t see that your family was at the beach and #summervibes. Also, that race you ran? I didn’t see your photos from the finish line. And that time you tried to call me with lab results? Nope. Didn’t get it. Your baby is pretty cute though. Really? Trump?

I have been in the moment more and noticeably less crabby with the kids even as they try ever-harder to make me look like a lunatic in front of our new neighbors.

I was hoping to spend a lot more time writing this summer. That’s the one thing that’s bothered me about how things have gone since school let out. So here I am. Just trying to shake the rust off and prime the pump and run the boot disk or whatever.