Band Of Unicorns

My friend Barrie, who was a planner before moving into recruiting for strategy/planning types, has been writing about recruiting on her new(ish) blog: Band of Unicorns. It’ll be a good read for anyone that works in a creative industry:

I’m just a former planner who has been recruiting for the last few years. Why? The simplest answer is this: I love people and the industry and I really love the people in this industry. We’re a lucky crew of weirdos. (Mean that in the most complimentary of ways.)

Being on this side of things I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot more of you…fascinating folks with great stories, creative hearts, big imaginations who are also haunted by some fears and concerns. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. Let’s say you worry sometimes. And in this position I hear many of the same questions and concerns, and see consistent patterns of behavior, yet many of you believe you’re the only ones. Trust me, you’re not. There are lots of other unicorns.

I often think about how lucky I am to do what I do. The job itself is interesting, but the collection of marvelous lunatics that I’ve met along the way is something that is unique to this business, and something for which I’m thankful.