Indulge me for a minute if you’d please

Indulge me while I make this blog about myself for a hot minute.

I've been trying to start a second blog lately over on Tumblr. The idea was to have a place to write without the burden of being right. Just a place to have some fun and some unimportant ideas. To scratch different kinds of writing itches.

This blog could then continue to serve as some sort of advertising/tech thing that would be impressive to people in the business. I've since run into three issues:

  1. I don't like having a site with some dumb name. I've had to endure some pretty terrible band names in my life and I don't want to have to deal with that sort of embarrassment anymore. Can't I just be me?
  2. This was started to as an advertising planning blog, but it gets sort of dull writing about that stuff all the time. The really good nuggets come from life. Also, I think the line between regular person and charlatan can look thin when blogging about strategy.
  3. I'm not sure that anyone would miss the sort of thing that I've been posting here. In my mind, it's been mostly boring and available elsewhere. I know I wouldn't miss it. Maybe I'll banish it to another platform. Isn't Posterous the blog version of Siberia since Twitter bought it and scared everyone away?

I keep thinking that the best thing to do would be to use this as a proper blog rather than a heap of links and block quotes. I told myself that I would give the Tumblr thing 3 months before turning on it, but my gut is telling me to scrap it now. The most difficult thing will be to look at this through a looser lens. To ignore the feeling of panic whenever I post something unrelated to transmedia so-and-so or social media yada. But if I could quit smoking cigarettes, surely I can quit the feeling of career self-importance that comes from posting about that sort of thing.

Answers are still unclear. Dig deeper…