Feist (the game) looks exquisitely beautiful.

FEIST trailer 3 from Adrian Stutz on Vimeo.

I love the look and feel they've created for this game. It feels like a work of art in a way that a lot of games haven't before…though the idea of having enemies in this game world seems almost wrong. Maybe it's just the music in the video though.

Here's hoping they port this to iPhone/pad/pods/boards/mats for us non-PC folk.

Here's the website.

(via gameinformer)

Game Based Marketing

The ever-vigilant Ilya has turned my attention to a recent book that is all about designing marketing games. I'm into it. Especially because I think most good marketing works because of the same pattern learning principles that make gaming so. much. fun. I'm looking forward to buying it. Though my recent car purchase means that I should probably wait. (or should I?)

Also on their Weblog, they've posted a slideshare presentation about using games for non-profits. As usual with these things, the voiceover would probably be really helpful, but it's interesting enough without it.