Who is missing from Infinity Ward

My RSS feed has been clogged up with blog posts about who has left Modern Warfare 2's developer, Infinity Ward, since the two guys that head the place were dispatched by Activision. It's been difficult to make heads or tails of who has gone and how important they were. Luckily for the Internet, PC Gamer Magazine has edited MW2's credits to illustrate the bloodbath.

You'll notice that 5 out of 6 of the story people left. This might be addition by subtraction. Have you tried to follow the storyline of MW2? As far as I can tell after playing it through twice, it doesn't make any sense. Although, to be honest, I've had trouble deciphering what exactly is going on in the first place.

This video makes me wish more industries used credits … like banking, or advertising.

Baby Tickling Station

We're having a baby in September, which is one of those things that always seemed like an incredibly far off thing. It doesn't seem that long ago that news of someone my age getting pregnant required some careful thought about whether to congratulate or offer condolences.

But now here it is, and there are reminders everywhere about how it changes people's lives, such as the sign above for the baby tickling station. It'll be hard. I know that because people with kids can't seem to get enough of telling us how hard having a kid is going to be. But then there are moments like when the plane landed tonight, and the 3-year old girl across the aisle yelled "WEEEEEEEEE!," that make me feel really excited.