MILF Island

After a prolonged and painful absence, 30 Rock finally came back last night with its first new episode after the writers strike.  It was a tremendous relief to me, as I hate most of what is on TV nowadays, and I think 30 Rock is probably the best written show on TV. 

Overall it wasn’t a great episode, but what saved it for me was the parody reality show they had running throughout the episode:  MILF Island.  They opened the episode with a commercial for it that felt exactly like an NBC promotional ad and was placed right at the end of the in between show ad-pod.   Krissie and I both stopped what we were doing and watched, mouths agape, with an odd feeling that can only be described as disbelief mixed with a sad resignation of believability.  Nice job Tina.  Its funny because its (almost) true. 

They are usually brilliant about extending the show beyond its 30 minutes on TV, and in continuing that theme, they are now selling the MILF Island shirt on Brilliant if you are a fan of the show or if you are a fan of milf videos on sites like Either way, the T-shirts are pretty nice and I’m expecting them to sell well.


Forbes reveals America ‘ s most sinful cities

Forbes has created an interesting data visualization of America's most sinful cities based on the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, averice, sloth, wrath, envy and pride

"For each sin we stretched our imagination to find a workable
proxy–murder rates for wrath, per capita billionaires for
avarice–then culled the available data sources to rank the cities.
Some of the results were surprising: Salt Lake City as America's
Vainest City. Some were not: Detroit as America's Most Murderous."



I wish it were a little more in depth … and I really wish it was embeddable … but its still kind of interesting.  I have to say that Salt Lake City being the most vane and 5th on lust does seem like a surprise, but now that I think about it, the one person that I've known to be from there kind of fits the bill.   


Boston only placed in one: averice.   Though I can assure you its no fault of my own.   

Can the Wii weather a recession?


Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research has predicted that Wii will continue to dominate the next gen gaming market through fiscal year 09. 

"Microsoft got the jump on the industry with a one-year headstart, but
nine months after its the launch, the Nintendo Wii overtook the Xbox
360 on a global basis. While the PS3, has struggled out of the gate, we
note that since last fall, the console has been outselling the Xbox 360
in Europe, and in the first two months of this year has even outsold
the Xbox 360 on its home turf, in the U.S. (In Japan, overtaking the
Xbox 360 was almost immediate). With its strong slate of software
scheduled for the coming year, we expect a material acceleration for
the PS3 this year, but we believe the Wii will sell more than the PS3
and Xbox 360 combined this year," he commented.

Which makes me wonder:  if Nintendo is in fact selling to their stated non-gamer target, and that has been what's fueled the popularity of the Wii, what's going to happen as we enter a recession?  I get the feeling that non-gamers will not exactly be falling all over themselves to spend money on new Wii games or consoles as the economy sours, whereas gamers who own Xbox 360 and PS3 and have gaming much higher on their priority list will continue to spend. 

So the question becomes: can Nintendo continue sell its non-gamer machine at such a high rate to gamers if it becomes necessary?  If not, I think that sales could flip-flop heading into the next twelve months … unless they do not.

(Via GameDaily via Destructiod)

Burn the Rope

One of the great things about the internet is the ability of people to make incredibly stupid things (read: brilliant and simple) and share them with people who enjoy such things.  This is one of those things, and I enjoyed it.  Stay for the credits…

Burn the Rope

(via Raph (like most everything else lately…sorry!))