Trader Joes Innovates My World

If you've been to Trader Joe's, you understand the greatness of it.  They seem to truly be focused on providing a better life to their consumers through food.  Case in point was this make your own salsa kit that they were selling on Super Bowl weekend.  I've been talking about making my own salsa for years, and this little kit turned my desire to make salsa into a turnkey salsa solution. 








And no, it wasn't very good.  But it was something to build on. 

*not pictured:  pepcid ac

Happy Presidents Day

I know we're supposed to celebrate the past presidents or whatever … but what about the currrent president?  Does Mrs. Bush have to get him a Happy Presidents Day card?  Where would one get a Happy Presidents Day card?  Does he get the day off with breakfast in bed and a dinner out with family and friends? 

Probably not.