Tagged … seems to be going around lately…


This is all very exciting as I've never been tagged before.  Thanks to Mike for saving the day and giving me something to post about. Just noticed that I was also tagged by Lee…and we have surprisingly similar post titles.  Does the creative space we're in actually promote groupthink? 

Right, so five things you might not know about me:

1.  I have a completely irrational fear of metal.  The smaller and shinier, the worse.  In fact, yellow gold might be my enemy.  I don't know why.  It can make me feel a little queesy, and it usually makes me feel really dirty, like I need to wash my hands right afterwords if I touch it.  I really hate touching other people's keys and jewelry.  Even just typing this is making me cringe a little bit.  Metal that smells like metal is even worse … like I said:  irrational.

2.  After a crazed homeless guy spit blood in my face in Chicago last spring, I had to get two HIV tests.  The first was a baseline test right after it happened.  The second was six months later. I don't have HIV or AIDS.  Hurrah!  There's nothing quite like the pressure of trying to figure out whether or not the blood got in your eye, and if it did whether or not its necessary to take the anti-HIV drug that you can start in the first 24 hours after exposure but might make you vomit all day every day for a month.  At least I guessed right. 

3.  I grew up very, very shy.  That all changed the first day I moved to Richmond for Adcenter.  I don't know why.  Kind of weird. 

4.  There was a time growing up when all I watched was Comedy Central (even before it was Comedy Central, when it was two networks:  The Comedy Channel and Ha!). Back then they used to show a ton of stand-up comedy and other shows like The Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.  This was elementary school.  During that time, I wanted to be a lot of things when I grew up (baseball player, naval aviator) but there were a few years when I wanted to be a stand-up comedian.  Believe it.  Unfortunatly, I never learned how to be funny, but I did learn how to deliver things well.  So the next time I make you laugh, stop for a minute and think back to see if what I said was actually funny, because chances are that it wasn't funny at all … it just sounded like it should've been. 

5.  Friends and life experiences mean everything to me, so let's get a beer sometime.

And so now the hard part.  I hereby tag the following, in no particular order: 

  • Luis – I don't know him but he's got a pretty good thing going over at Adcentered.
  • Josh over at Plannerliness.  I think we started blogging around the same time…he was one of the first to link to me.
  • Jeffre at Pink Air because he was the planner mentioned in Truth Lies and Advertising as being bitten by a kid while doing Sega research.
  • Luca at blurb is always an enjoyable read.  And he's the only Italian I know.  So he gets tagged…even though he never did tell me what Italians eat for breakfast.  Maybe it's a trade secret.   
  • Steve Kulp at Free Association gets tagged because he's a really smart guy with a good newer blog and it's time to let the world know.
  • And I'm breaking the rules by tagging six people … but Ed Reilly hasn't posted in a long time so I'm tagging him as well.


Governmental Nomenclature Award Winner of the Week

The Assembly of Experts

Wow.  That sounds like an impressive bunch.  It sounds like a group of eight to twelve old men who've traveled from distances all across the realm, all with long beards and wizard hats and apprentices.

It's actually a powerful clerical body which supervises the Supreme Leader (thats a good one too) in Iran. 

Nicely done, Iranians.  Congratulations.

It's amazing how well certain countries around the world name their departments so that they sound regal and important.  This is why I get so sick and tired of the Bush administration just copping out and naming everything using some permutation of the words "Freedom," "Department," "Homeland," and "the."  They've used freedom and homeland so much that the words have lost all meaning.  Maybe what makes it the most troubling to me is that we all know that the administration (allegedly) is up to sinister goings-on, answering questions from the media about torture and botched invasions, meanwhile they are naming their departments nice little cozy, friendly names.  Makes it all a bit Orwellian.