1 Year Anniversery: Never before has so little been said to so many


Yep, one year ago today this blog made its way into the world.  We've laughed, cried, gone to demolition derbies, and had blood spit in our face by sociopathic homeless people.  Here are my stats so far on the year:


As you can see here, People have visited my site well over 10,000 times, no doubt placing bets on when something worthwhile would be posted here.  The average per day is a bit weighted down by the two months of myself and my mom being the only visitors, but that'll right itself eventually, and I guess I'm not really concerned with how many visitors I get.  Right?  Probably not. 

Thanks to everyone who comes here and contributes, and if you keep coming I swear I'll make it worth your while eventually … but until then I'm sure it'll be more of the same lazy-blogging. 

Hip-Hip Hooray!

George Carlin ‘ s Advertising Lullaby

The next time you're sitting in a three hour meeting debating something like whether or not consumers understand the idea of Karma or whether or not to commission a 40-thousand dollar survey to figure out if the 32 point font is actually better than the 32.5 point font, it's probably important to consider the following, which is what I'd assume to be pretty close to how actual consumers see advertising (by the way, it's George Carlin, and he uses some fairly unfriendly-to-work language, and after the first 2:30 he starts cussing about nonrelated stuff that WILL OFFEND YOU, so view at your own discretion.)   

(Thanks to Jimhacker)



Nintendo Wii is coming out soon (yesterday apparently), and
I think they’ve had a great idea to stop focusing on building a game system
powerful enough to launch satellites and concentrating on what fueled
Nintendo’s dominance of the category throughout the 80s and early 90s:
fun gameplay.  I think it’s a smart idea, probably motivated by a do or
die mentality, because this could be their last effort to save their console
business. If they fail again they may
be forced to go the way of their old rival, Sega, who got so badly beaten in
the console arena that they ditched the console part of their business to focus
solely on game publishing.

The Wii gameplay is meant to be easier than
the current standard of one billion buttons per controller. It has a controller that senses motion so
that you actually go through the motion of what you want the game to do in real
life, so if you’re playing a golf game, you actually do a golf swing with the
controller. It’s kind of like a dumbed down, childs version of an actual golf simulator similar to that of skytrak or others, for instance.

Again, I think it’s a great idea, and it’s right for the
Nintendo brand … the only problem is that some of us live with females, and if
there is a way to make gaming look exponentially nerdier, it’s to make you
actually stand up and act out the motions. There’s just no way to look cool or even normal while wildly waving your
arms around in the middle of the room to get Mario to jump over a walking mushroom.


(pictured above:  guy about to be dumped)

So I’ll be cheering for Nintendo. I, like most people, want them to succeed, but I think that I’ll be cheering from the sidelines this go-around.